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Disneyland Resort Paris

Disneyland Resort Paris is the name of the famous fun park in Paris. The most famous attraction of all is Cinderella's dream come true castle, which is also one of the many logos of Walt Disney company.

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The Sorcerer's Apprentice is the short film of Mickey Mouse which appeared in a long film Fantasia. It features Mickey Mouse stealing Yen Sid's hat and then using it to make magic.


In a castle an apprentice (Mickey Mouse) is watching his master Yen Sid do magic. When Yen Sid goes to take a nap, Mickey takes the hat, and brings a broomstick to life. Mickey orders the broom to do the work that he must actually do. Which is to carry water from the fountain to the well. It works succesfully until the broom runs out of control and floods the castle. Mickey then destroys the broom, but each piece turns into a new broom, which overfills the castle with water. Finaly Yen Sid come and undoes the spell. After that he punishes Mickey by slaping him in the but with the broomstick.

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  • Tim Burton the director of the feature film Alice in Wonderland, has been insulted by the papers saying he didn't have immagination.
  • Just a few days until the DVD of Disney's The Princess and the Frog is going to be realized.
  • This year Disney and Pixar will release the upcoming film Toy Story 3.

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Haselwitch in trick o treat
  • The promotional image of a screenshot of the short film Trick oh Treat.

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